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  • Mozan Number of wins: 27 Tickets bought: 546
  • doc_123 Number of wins: 23 Tickets bought: 493
  • AlexMirosh Number of wins: 11 Tickets bought: 349
  • Donno Number of wins: 17 Tickets bought: 257
  • kpss70 Number of wins: 14 Tickets bought: 213
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Dream lottery

Everyone has a dream somewhere deep inside and this dream is to buy a lotter ticket and snatch a jackpot. You can do it on the Dream Lottery website and your dreams will come true!

You can win some great stuff on the lottery website, cause here we are not giving money, but a lot of precious items. Here you can find: various gadgets and devices from famous brands, some online games items, like CS:GO skins, clothers and items for DOTA 2 and tons of other things for geeks and gamers. The most valuable prize – fancy sport-car.

It should be mentioned, that raffles are online-only. Lottery online – fast and furious, if I may say. The only thing you have to do – visit a website from time to time.

How to play an online lottery?

Here, in our lottery you can find plenty of lots. First things first - pick the lot and choose your lucky ticket for the raffle.

It is important: you can choose any number of tickets. The more tickets you buy higher the chances are!

Once all the tickets are sold all the results will be posted on the lottery website. Every single draw is carried out through the random.org website: everything is crystal clear! We are 100% honest with our clients, so we run an online stream of the draw and every single video will be posted on the lottery website in the Winning Report section

The lucky one will be notified about the prize via e-mail and in the personal account section. All the details will be given in the e-mail.

How to buy a lottery ticket?

Our online lottery Dream Lottery provides several payment methods, so you can buy a lottery ticket in the most convenient way.

Play a lottery with comfort you deserve. No need to break your head over complicated details and rules: everything is quite simple.

You can buy a lottery ticket through the Dream Lottery website any time. As soon as you want to try your luck, just enter the website!

Due to the fact that we do not limit the number of tickets purchased by one user, your chances of winning are rapidly increasing. In addition to, you can take part in several draws.

You should always remember a simple fact: if you want to win in the online lottery, you have to start playing!

The probability of winning the lottery where you have to guess 6 numbers out of 45 is 1 to 8,145,060. The chance of winning the DreamLottery is 8145 times higher than in a lotto.

Needles to say, that our online lottery has many advantages compared to a regular lottery. You cannot lose your ticket, you can't damage it and no one can steal it. There is not a single possibility this can happen with Dream Lottery.

Also, if you want to stay anonymous, you should play our online lottery as well. In case of a win you will avoid unnecessary publicity: we post only your nickname, so no need to worry. Personal information is used solely to send the prize to the winner.

If you want to try your luck, then welcome to our online lottery website - Dream Lottery and you will definitely win!